I joined Krista’s class back in November 2017 in hopes of becoming “more fit”. What I got out of it was so much more. I feel stronger and more importantly my anxiety levels are the lowest I’ve had in years. I was nervous to join because I’m not experienced, but she made all of us feel so welcome no matter the skill level. When I became pregnant she made modifications for me and always encouraged me to keep up my practice.
— Julianne McDonald

Krista’s class is one of the highlights of my week, she is intuitive and thoughtful and always caters the class to be just what we need. It continues to be challenging and after almost 9 months.
— T.M.

I recently started yoga and was a little nervous, but Krista’s smile and positivity instantly put me at ease. She designed classes for our group to target areas we needed, as desk workers at computers all day. Her classes are challenging, but fun, with some humour thrown in for good measure. I feel stronger after each one.
— Heather Reimer

I’m so grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to bring your teachings to our workplace and I think overall, it’s been a great addition to my life.
— Kayla Jacobs

Krista is very intuitive, engaged and present during our yoga sessions. Prepared with a custom class built for me, she often makes fluid, on-the-fly adjustments to suit where my body or mind is at on a particular day. She has given me some excellent take-home tips to work on tight spots, and always makes me feel comfortable to push myself to my personal edge. I leave her classes feeling more centred, confident and at home in my own skin.
— Kathy Grant

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