Y O G A  a t  W O R K


The pressure of deadlines is undeniable, change the mindset and it all becomes more manageable. 

I N - H O U S E  C L A S S E S

Enhance your work environment and bring balance to your day.

Dynamic movement (yoga) will provide employees to restart or leave their day feeling strong, relaxed and recharged with a class for all-levels! Expect to move your body through poses designed to increase flexibility, build strength and learn mindfulness techniques to manage stress + improve mental clarity.

Offerings available morning, lunch-time or after work

W E L L N E S S  

Bring a holistic approach to team building with an on-site or off-site yoga and mindfulness retreat.

O N - S I T E

Convert an office space for a morning/afternoon into a yoga + meditation centre. Creating a space for employees to disconnect from their day-to-day hustle bustle and develop skills to manage stress, optimize efficiency and think more creatively.

O F F - S I T E

Changing our surroundings provides an abundance of mental clarity. Whether it is retreating to nature or a different city landscape, an off-site retreat with a focus on wellness resets the tone of the typical conference/planning session. 


Summarize your organization and what approach to mindfulness you want to bring to your office/retreat.

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